Collateral Program

Grazer Kunstverein

Dennis McNulty 

Anne Tallentire
Plan (…)

Both Dennis McNulty and Anne Tallentire concern themselves with infrastructures and systems, focusing specifically on human perception in their particular artistic practice.

Dennis McNulty’s TTOPOLOGY is an evolving adaptive project that deals with the embodied experience of space and time in built environments. Consisting of a series of sculptural works that extend into an audiovisual walk through the city, the project enacts a step by step excavation of reality. TTOPOLOGY activates the players, sentient or otherwise, who inhabit the passages, walkways, and tunnels of Graz. Anne Tallentire’s Plan (…) explores dimensionality, using everyday building materials to transpose one physical space into another. Her works investigate the social and cultural conditions that determine spatial allocations and patterns in daily life. Taking as her starting point the Terrassenhaussiedlung—an innovative residential complex in Graz—she engages in a meditation on structural details; a commissioned work that uses sculptural assemblages and images to arrive at a speculative interpretation.


Grazer Kunstverein
Palais Trauttmansdorff, Burggasse 4
8010 Graz

Wed–Sun 11:00–18:00

Free admission

Opening 22.9., 14:30

Wed–Sat 12:00 throughout steirischer herbst

Curated by Kate Strain
With Dennis McNulty, Anne Tallentire

TTOPOLOGY by Dennis McNulty is a coproduction of Grazer Kunstverein and VISUAL Carlow, with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland Project Award.

Plan (…) by Anne Tallentire is realized with the kind support of the Arts Council of England through the Artists’ International Development Fund.


What Where (2018)

Research project and installation