Collateral Program

the smallest gallery

Clara Wildberger

The starting point for Clara Wildberger’s video work is her own body. Trembling impulses produce subtle movements whose strange expression makes them scarcely interpretable. They don’t seem to fit into any narrative and no recurring patterns are discernible. Wildberger investigates the perception of her own corporeality. In doing so, she engages with functionality and mobility. Supposed physical deficits become tools for self-empowerment. The movements progress at the interface between twitching self-control and vibrating letting go. They are bewildering, seem otherworldly, cannot be traced as actions. Wilderberger’s body language is neither in line with any physical aesthetic nor is it  meaningful in a universally accepted way. Her outward appearance seems withdrawn: black, loose clothing and an indefinable facial expression, which seems to be simultaneously concentrated and detached. The video work can be regarded as an experimental arrangement: What realms of possibility emerge when the body eschews standardized motion sequences? What coping strategies does the peculiar offer?


the smallest gallery
Grieskai 2
8020 Graz

Mon–Sun 24/7
Free admission

Opening: 22.9., 17:00

Curated by Karin Oberhuber and Clemens Mair