Research Center

In its new iteration, steirischer herbst aims to historicize the festival and give it a well-deserved place among crucial post-war European cultural initiatives that reinvented and questioned international modernism at a time when the intellectual wounds inflicted by fascism were only beginning to be acknowledged and worked through. Since 1968, steirischer herbst has persistently raised the question of what role art might play in society. The festival’s practical engagement with new artistic productions has gone hand in hand with intense theoretical reflection. Multi- and interdisciplinary avant la lettre, steirischer herbst made arts collide and cooperate, while constantly asking what it might mean for culture to be contemporary.

From 2018 on, steirischer herbst intends to give further shape to this theoretical engagement and to introduce a more research-oriented approach to its archive, located in Palais Attems. Now the archive expands into a Research Center open year-round. It transforms into a publicly accessible place, where archival items can be studied in digital as well as physical form. In the future, the steirischer herbst Research Center will invite international scholars and artists to conduct and develop research related to the history of the festival, the process of artistic and curatorial production, art’s public reception, and its dissemination into society.

Palais Attems
Sackstraße 17
8010 Graz

Free admission

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