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Possibilitarian Platform (2003)

Pro-Paradise Anti-Enemy-of-Nature
Paradise is possible, says Bread & Puppet Theater in their 2003-manifesto, even in a world under siege by the enemies of nature.
Bread & Puppet poster
  1. The universal declaration of the unimportance of money must be freshly painted on the doors of households and institutions.
  2. The present-day reality that governs the Enemy-of-Nature system must be redefined as unreality. The as yet unreal reality of the possibilitarian paradise must be the guiding light for all new definitions of reality.
  3. Total consumer non-confidence must be a cornerstone of a new non-profitable economy.
  4. The slogan “demand life and lower wages” must be shouted at all possibilitarian rallies.
  5. Hands, which have been taken away from citizens in favor of digital systems, must be returned to their owners in an improved condition.
  6. The sky must be restored to its advisory capacity for all aspects of humdrum life.
  7. Practices of paradise such as the regular celebration of the colors green and brown and all mud-like shades of brown must be re-instituted.
  8. Universities of feet must be founded to research foot history and its implications for the artificial lifestyles of feet in the enemy-of-nature system.
  9. The interest of stomachs in the direct access to the paradise gardens and/or orchards must receive all necessary support.

Bread & Puppet Theater are the artists behind the first event of steirischer herbst 2018. Their Underneath the Above Parade #1 will take over the streets of Graz on 20.9. from 17:00.

The Underneath the Above Parade #1 (2018)
Public Program
Public workshop
12.9.–19.9., daily 13:00–16:00, 18:30–21:00
Public Program
Bread & Puppet Theater in conversation with Ed. Hauswirth
13.9., 18:00
Office of Open Questions
21.9., 15:00–16:00